CD "Fuerza de la Oscuridad"         CD "2012..No Way to anyway"

            (2000)                                       (2009)

1. La Llegada de los Jinetes (Intro)       1. Return of Ragnarok (Intro)

2. Jinetes de lasTinieblas                    2. 2012...The End

3. Ride from the Eternity                    3. Metal Warriors

      (Instrumental)                             4. Damnation

4. Death Road                                    5.Spirits of Tomorrow

5. Almas Negras                                 6.Hunters of the Cross

6. Dagor Bragollach                            7. Route 666

(Battle in the Middle Earth)                  8. Hidden in the Dusk

7. Agresión Bélica                               9. Hidden in the Dusk 

8. Lucifer                                             

9. Rose of Winter                         


    Line up:                                                        Line up:

H.Morgoth- Guitar                                    Dyna- Bass and vocal

Mario "Kavalera"- Drums and vocal             H.Morgoth- Guitars

Juanfra "Enterrador"- Bass

     CD 10th Aniversary                      CD Maxi Single

     "A Dark past story"                 "From the Other Side"

           (2010)                                       (2012)

1. Twylight of Odin                              1. The Lost Souls (Intro)                               

2. Metal warriors                                 2. Twylight of Odin 

3. Ride to the Eternity                          3. Walpurgis Night

     (Instrumental)                                4. Ancient Warriors

4. Mördark                                          5. Beyond from Death

5. Agresión Bélica                            

6. Beyond from Death                            Line Up:

7. Intro/Agresión Bélica (live 2010)         H. Mörgoth- Guitar & Voice

8. Damnation (live 2007)                       Dyna- Drums

9. Hidden in the Dusk (live 2007)            Raúl G. "Astaroth"- Bass

10. Hidden in the Dusk

 Line up:

H.Morgoth- Guitar and vocal

Dyna- Bass

Beelzebul (M. Calderon)- Drums

Album CD "Road to Valhalla" (2014)


1. Riding in Midgard (Intro)

2. Falling to Niffelheim

3. Hordes of the Nord

4. The Souls Processions

5. The Tavern of the Blind an Eye

6. Gates of Asgard

7. Road to Valhalla

8. Call of Heimdall

9. Twylight of Odin (Remaster) (Bonus Track)


Line up:

H. Mörgoth- Guitar and voice

Raúl Gonzalez- Bass

Dyna- Drums